Saint-Florent, Korsika, walk along the coast towards Phare de Montella

Saint-Florent is a small village at the west coast of Corse island. You can get there by a small bus service from Bastia, through the mountains. The ride takes about 45 minutes and costs 10 euro. It is a tour with a lot of serpentines and therefore if you are sensitive you can easily get sick of the drive.

In Saint-Florent in the middle of the village there is a large boule playground. The village has a lot of cafés, bars and restaurants. The port houses many boats and you can walk quite nicely along the port. At the top of the village you find an old citadel, from there you have a nice view over the whole bay.

Walking to the lighthouse leads mostly along a promenade directly at the sea starting from the centre of Saint-Florent, we walked out of the city and passed a bridge around 1 km away. Unfortunately the pedestrian bridge near the village only leads to a small island, there is no trespassing from there to the coastline.

Following a small road in direction of Calliste camping gets you to the beach area. You walk until the first greater bay. From there is a path along the coast but this one did not seem to lead anywhere. Instead we followed the road (look at number 1 on the map) until the next bay and from there (look at number 2) the coast trail started going also through some private estates. At number 3 you have to go through the water to continue the pathway.

We stayed for two nights at Hotel Restaurant L’Europe, small and comfortable rooms, a room with view on the port (

For dinner we went to Ind’e lucia which had good corse food and a pleasant and quiet atmosphere. Also Restaurant L’Europe offered tasty dishes with regional flavours.


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