Week 2 of open course in Education Futures

This week it is on creative and innovative thinking: http://edfutures.com/syllabus/week-2-creative-and-innovative-thinking.
The opposite of creativity and innovative thinking would be repetition. I do it the same way I did it before and others. But it is not guaranteed that another way as a result of creativity and innovation will be an advantage or make anything better. And how much of it is old wine in new tubes?

Future trends

It is interesting to deal with the topic because there is a lot of saying of what might happen in the future. Some people just seem to know it. Why is it important to make anticipations about the future of education?
It sort of determines partially at least what people think, what they do and how the world is going to look like. Education as formal institutions in this respect, however, are not the only drivers for future development, there is economy, social aspects, environment…
But education can only have most influence on itself. Often the remark is made that education as it is cannot meet up with the challenges of todays‘ societies. Is this true? What are required changes? What role can technology play and the internet?