Adobe ConnectNow Webconferencing

Adobe ConnectNow is a free service for meetings up to 3 people ( ), for more attendants Adobe offers subscription possibilities.

It is part of ( also Workspaces, File organizer,
Convert to PDF, Adobe Buzzword, Tables, Presentations, Mobile application)

As there are some hints that future Adobe Connect is going to be similar to ConnectNow here are roughly some differences and important features in this respect:

– Roles: Host, Participant, Audience: Hosts determine which pods can be used,
participants can use pods, audience can just chat. Default attendee role can be set to
participants or audience.

– Pods: Screen sharing, chat, shared notes, webcam, files, whiteboard.
Former pods participant list, poll, web links, share pod and Q&A pod are missing, no
uploading of presentations e.g.

– When Screensharing is activated, participants and chat are shown in front, too.

– Shared notes can be formatted and saved as .doc
– Whiteboard-Screens can be saved as .png.

– No Break-Out-Rooms

– Preferences for all pods are kept separate, full set only accessible for host:
Room Management, Phoneconferencing, Microphone and Speakers, Screen share,
Webcam, Chat, Connection (with calculation), Room bandwidth (automatical setting

Other „missing“ functions:
– access & entry: Blocking attendees, on hold keeping
– audio setup wizard
– recording
– optimize screen sharing, screen resolution, room background
– presenter only area, preparing mode, host cursors
– layouts
– raise hands
– participant status
– hands free + hold to talk buttons: Audio is activated with simple click on mic button
– full screen mode

ConnectNow is much easier to use than the current Adobe Connect, some major inconsistencies have been solved. Yet it seems to emphasize collaboration instead of virtual classroom features.

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