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Mediawiki video extensions for uploading videos

There are a few extensions that do embedding video from videosharing portals. I was looking for an extension that does uploading one`s own videos.

MediawikiPlayer extension worked. It integrates jwPlayer and tolerates flash compatible formats.

I also tried metavid installation on Mediawiki 1.16.2, without success.

The following problems occurred:
1) PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method OutputPage::addScriptClass() in ../MV_GlobalFunctions.php on line 309

With this error Mediawiki-Site (http://www.el.rub.de/rubel) was not accessible.
In MV_GlobalFunctions.php I changed addScriptClass to addScriptFile
$wgOut->addScriptFile( „mv_allpages“ );
$wgOut->addScriptFile( „mv_search“ );

This made Mediawiki-Site accessible again, only Special Pages stayed blank.

2) On Special Pages I got this error:
PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class MV_SpecialListStreams in …/MV_SpecialListStreams.php
I deleted class MV_SpecialListStreams extends QueryPage in MV_SpecialListStreams.php

As a result Special Pages showed up with MetaVid-Pages, not all of them working.

3) I could add a Stream but not access it, again blank page. For this I got another error:
PHP Fatal error: Argument 2 passed to SMWSQLStore2::getPropertyValues() must be an instance of SMWPropertyValue, called in …/MV_MetavidInterface/MV_MetavidInterface.php on line 129
and defined in …/SemanticMediaWiki/includes/storage/SMW_SQLStore2.php on line 226

At this point I stopped. Will give it a try perhaps later.

The Open Video Archive of the US Congress is done with Metavid. It is also referred to by Kaltura Open Source Video: http://www.kaltura.org/project/metavid_semantic_wiki_extension.

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  1. George Chriss 2. Oktober 2012

    On #2 I commented the ‚class MV_SpecialListStreams extends SpecialPage‘ codeblock in ‚MV_SpecialListStreams.php‘ and everything works as expected. This constructor section seems unnecessary and PHP isn’t able to properly use the following ‚class MV_SpecialListStreams extends SpecialPage‘ codeblock. Note that not all of the MetaVidWiki Special Pages „work“ in a direct UI sense.

    For #3 try using the ‚MV_MetavidInterface.php‘ patch here. Again, just commenting out lines of code.

    Join the MetaVidWiki dev project on Wikimedia Labs!

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