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E-day 2009

This year I visited E-Day at the university of Duisburg-Essen where presentations of students‘ projects and of special guests take place. I arrived a little late but this should be ok for a Saturday and started with a closer look at current copyright issues by Till Kreutzer who emphasized on practices of web 2.0 usage (mixing, sharing) and at the same time a loosened awareness of intellectual property issues. Intellectual property as it is conceptualized at the moment cannot be seen as fitting in the usage of the internet, especially of younger people.

Another topic was Enterprise 2.0 by André Hollstein and although I do not draw my Web 2.0 experience from an enterprise context there are parallels to the situation in Higher Ed. There, as well as far as I can see one cannot speak about a breakthrough or widespread adoption of web 2.0 tools. Certain conditions, e.g. careful implementation, have to be fulfilled to achieve a successful adoption.

Very interesting was the presentation of an inquiry of persons living in a home for elderly people introduced to playing wii bowling over a certain period of time. It was shown that they learnt the game well and enjoyed playing it.

And yet another one I liked: Use of podcasting to train children with speech disabilities.

So I got some ideas and the chance to have a look at a dense series of presentations around media and learning nearby.

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